Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Craft Fair in Hyannis

The latest incarnation of  the shop
Cape Cod is gorgeous.  I never went there before having to take my son to sailing events.  So when I saw I had to take him to Falmouth in the summer, I signed up with Castleberry Fairs for their show in Hyannis in July.

I decided to not use the big jewelry display board I used at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade.  It's hard to fill up all that space.  I attached my beadboard panels to a six foot table on risers, covered it with a tablecloth, and it made a nice "counter" with the white folding bookcases from Target.  You can see the weights on the bookcases - they're very flimsy, and the one on the left arrived broken in 5 pieces.   It was a lot of work but the weather was incredibly beautiful and perfect, and the lovely and talented Eileen Lipkind brought me lunch on Sunday.  She's a member of the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy.


I haven't listed the prints yet, but they are made.  I'll try to get that done in September.  Right now I have two book covers to finish, and have my nose to the drawing board!

Falmouth YC
At the same time my son was sailing in the c420 North American Championship at Falmouth Yacht Club.  We stayed at the Tides Motel just across the street from the club so I could leave him and his crew to their own devices while I did the craft fair.  At sixteen and seventeen, they really didn't need or want ol' Mom hanging about too much.  The motel was a wonderful treat.  The windows opened right on the beach and I've never stayed before at a place where I could hear the ocean waves as we went to sleep at night.  The son and crew finished sixteenth out of 144 boats, just out of the silver.  It has to happen to somebody!


  1. Gorgeous set up! I hope you did well.

  2. Your setup was perfect for that show! sounds like it was a great trip!