Friday, December 20, 2013

King of Assassins

Cover Illustration for Jenna Rhodes
"King of Assassins"

Preliminary sketches

Presentation sketch in black and white

Color comprehensive

Final finished art in acrylics on gessoed illustration board.  Some colored pencil just for back ground texture, and graphite pencil for strengthening borders.  Jenna has created a wonderful fantasy world with several races, a breathtaking sense of urgency, frightening magic, and strong characters full of hopes, desires, humor and love.  A joy to read, and I'm only getting the unedited manuscripts!

Happy Solstice!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Craft Fair

Holiday Craft Fair

sponsored by Hudson Valley Etsy Team

I'll be at the Hudson Valley Etsy Team Holiday Craft Fair at the Howland Cultural Center at 477 Main Street in Beacon, NY, this Saturday, December 14th, 10AM to 5PM! Come see my jewelry and plush monsters!  I'm pretty busy so this is my only fair of the season.  Happy shopping, everyone!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Free Printable from a Studio by the Sea

 Free Gift Tag Design for the Holidays

Happy Solstice from a Studio by the Sea!  These winter mice and birdies are all ready to celebrate the season in these gift tags I made.  All you need is a printer, card stock paper, and something to cut out the tags with. 

Click on links below for downloadable pdfs

Bird & Mice Large Tag Sheet

  1. Print out the downloaded file on a sheet of card stock
  2. Cut out each tag along the pale green lines - use scissors, x-acto knife & ruler or paper cutter.
  3. Punch out holes with a hole punch or just attach to your gift with tape or glue.

Happy Holidays!

All images © Jody A Lee 2013
These gift tag sheets are for your personal use only
All commercial use of them or these images is prohibited