Monday, March 9, 2015

From a High Tower

Cover Art for 
"From a High Tower"

This is the original sketch I did for Mercedes Lackey's new Elemental Masters novel.  "From a High Tower" takes place in Germany and the heroine is working for a Wild West Show.  This of course excited me because I haven't done anyone in western costume since art college.  

Some photos as reference - Miss Annie Oakley and my son posing as a falling villain.

But with input from the author and publisher, it was decided it would look too much like a western instead of a fantasy story, and the heroine's outfit turned into a feminine version of a Bavarian huntsman's jacket and hat. Also the magical symbols and wind in the background didn't tie in with the title well, so the tower was added.  So a few changes from the original idea, but all for the better, and here is the finished art.

Oils on gessoed illustration board


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  1. Hello! Is it possible to buy prints of your Valdemar covers? Thanks.