Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY: Drawing on Stones

Memories of Summer

I was spent several days on Shelter Island in June and collected a bag full of smooth white stones from the seashore.  I thought they would make nice mini-canvases for some simple drawings or doodles.  Below are the steps for making the simplest of paperweights and a little record of the events of the summer.

Shelter Island
Clean your stone so that it is free of dirt or seaweed.  Draw your design in pencil.

  I will use pictures for reference, but this is just a simple starfish.

FW Inks are permanent and opaque.  You can use either a very fine brush or a pen for your drawing.  Keep a cup of water handy for rinsing out your brush or pen before the ink starts to clog.  Hold the stone in your non-drawing hand and turn it so the surface you’re working on faces you.  Steady your drawing hand by keeping part of your palm or wrist on the table or tucked against your side.  Clean off excess dried ink on your brush or pen with a tissue.

FW Ink dries quickly.  If you make a mistake you will have to sand it off!  When your drawing is finished and the ink is dry, use a kneaded rubber eraser to remove the graphite pencil lines that are left. 


I found these stones useful for keeping my papers in place when the ceiling fan was on!

Jody Lee


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