Friday, June 13, 2014

The Fields of Wrath

The Fields of Wrath

This is the finished art for "The Fields of Wrath" the sequel to Mickey Zucker Reichert's "Flight of the Renshai." I used oils on Crescent illustration board, and the interlace circles (also my own design) were added digitally.  Though I love the contrast of gold or silver metallic elements in my art, it is really difficult to photograph and then control the color of said metallic.  Digital takes care of both of those problems.  Retracing the steps, I started out with the figure drawings below.

Then combined them with the interlace circle

Offered two color comprehensives to the publisher.

And because I understood the figures pretty well from the sketches, enlarged the sketches straight to the board.

I completed the faces first, then moved from left to right, top to bottom in completing the clothing.


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