Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Arrival of Doris

The loss of our local Fortunoff is my personal gain. I had never shopped there before, but bought a mannequin from their going out of business sale. We have named her Doris and she will model my earrings and necklaces for my Etsy shop. Unlike my first model (my daughter) Doris looks like a grown-up, and does not complain or sulk no matter how long I make her pose. She does not even ask to be paid or fed! Of course, being a plastic model, I would probably only need to give her a lettuce leaf from the toy food box and she would be happy.

My brother-in-law works for the company that owns the property the Fortunoff was located in and I’m going to suggest they bring in an IKEA store. Westchester could really use one, and I would actually go into it and buy things, unlike the deceased Fortunoff.

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