Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our First Street Fair

It was very nearly a disaster. Grandma, Jessamyn, and I set out at the crack of dawn for the Fabulous Fifth Avenue Street Fair on a blustery May morning. I was going to show my artwork and my beads, and Jessamyn was going to show her button hairbands. It was our first time selling from a tent on the street and we were not prepared for high winds and possible rain. The tent tried to blow away, the panels fell over, and the display followed suit, beads flying, carousels breaking. At one point Grandma and Child were in tears and asking to go home. In my best “Calm Mommy” tones I said nobody was hurt and we would keep trying. The artwork never went up and stayed happily under an extra tarp I had brought. We developed our seller’s lines; “These buttons are made by Jessamyn…These are glass beads I make by hand…” and we sold a lot of product! We met two other Jessamyns, a young mother from Britain and a pretty college student. We also spent HOURS untangling the cupcake necklaces, "cutting" through the last Gordian knots only minutes before it was time to take down the tent. Whew! I'm not a coffee drinker but I downed a McCafe Mocha for the drive home.

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