Sunday, June 14, 2009

These Babies Need a Good Home (and Some Handmade Clothes)

I also found these three adorable headless baby mannequins at the Fortunoff sale. I have no use for them and bought them to SELL AT COST to any member of the New New Team (or someone they know) so they will find a new, loving, crafter home. They are way classy and cuddly and will make your display look like it stepped out of a high end children’s boutique.

The appendaged babies have a loop on the back for hanging and a pipe in a leg for standing (though one baby lost its loop when Child “J” decided to swing it around, new owner will just have to rig a new one.) They are $70.00 for all three. Contact me at and ignore the non-delivery mail response, it’s wrong. I’m not going to haggle, or split them up, or jump through hoops to mail them to Nebraska. If someone wants them I’ll bring them to a street fair or team meeting, and if no one does, I will put them up on Etsy for a profit or use them to display my daughter’s cute baby clothes – yes, I’m a hoarder of useless, sentimental objects, so act now before my hoarding instincts get the better of me.

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